Canada’s most educated workforce lives in Ottawa, 61% of whom are post-secondary graduates, in one of Canada’s largest bilingual workforces.

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Located on Hwy 416, two minutes from Hwy 417, Barrhaven provides easy access to the Ottawa International Airport, to cities west and east (including Kanata and Montreal), and south to Hwy 401 to Toronto and beyond.

120,000 students attend Ottawa’s 6 colleges and universities – 27,000 specializing in STEM education.

28 public and private schools

29% of all recent growth in Ottawa has been in Barrhaven

Barrhaven is the closest major business district to the Ottawa International Airport.

Barrhaven’s Recreation Complex includes 3 facilities, 7 pools, 7 ice pads, squash courts, a FIFA soccer pitch, and more

Barrhaven’s Via Rail station provides quick and convenient rail access to Toronto, Montreal, and beyond.